My Home Page

The My Home page is the first screen you see when accessing RMS.


This screen displays any system warnings regarding data validation. For example, if the size of a model or a template exceeds the limit defined by the Administrator, a corresponding warning message is shown.

This screen displays the following panes:

  • Selected Reports: Displays the list of reports selected while logging on.

  • Selected Models: Displays the list of models and templates models selected while logging on, and models saved for the document type ID.

  • Selected Templates: Displays the list of templates selected while logging on.

  • Model to Template Mappings: Displays the list of templates models selected while logging on.

  • News: Shows the latest news you have access to. The news is created with the help of RMS Administrator.

To change the My Home page layout, see Customizing Your Preferences.

To view the detailed item information, move mouse pointer to the  image. The box displaying detailed information appears.


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