ES Style View Page

The ES Style View page allows to apply XML/XSL table transformation for one or several reports (each in a separate frame).

  • The toolbar in the upper right corner of the ES Style View page contains the following icons:
    clip0123 es Style export toolbar

Use this toolbar to perform the following actions.



Click to print the report.


Export to PDF

Click to open the report as a PDF file in the current window.


Export to PDF

Click to open the report as a PDF file in a new window.

  • Customize: Click the heading to open a hidden section, allowing you to select a sort order, a template, a defined filter, and conjunction with dynamic filter, as well as to specify dynamic filters. For information on how to specify a dynamic filter, see Specifying dynamic filter.

  • Apply: To apply the changes made in the Customize section, click this button.

To navigate between pages, use page navigation buttons.











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