Global User Settings

Use the Global User Settings page to set your global settings. To access this page, on the Navigation Tree, click System Settings, select System Preferences, and click the Global User Settings tab at the top of the page.

The Global User Settings page contains the following settings:

  • Maximum allowed report size (Kb): Enter the maximum report size in kilobytes.

  • Count of Items Per Page: Define the number of items per page. The lists of Monarch Server Administrator are split into several pages. Select a value from the list. The default value is set to 10.

  • Maximum exported CSV file size (rows): Enter the maximum exported CSV file size in kilobytes.

  • Maximum exported PDF file size (rows): Enter the maximum exported PDF file size in kilobytes.

  • Maximum exported PDF pages: Enter the maximum number of exported PDF pages.

  • Data View asynchronous loading limit (rows): Number of rows set as a loading limit to be displayed as a result of exporting. The minimum value is 1000, the maximum value is 1000000 (one million), the default value is set to 5000.

If during report exporting number of Data View rows is less that the limit, all data will be exported immediately. If number of Data View rows exceeds the limit, export will be stopped on reaching the limit and the already exported data will be available for viewing. The rest of data will be exported in an asynchronous way.

The given feature allows you to speed up data exporting that are loaded within the defined limit.

NOTE: When no pane is selected, the MSClient home page will be empty.


After you made your changes

  • To save changes to global user settings, click the Save button.

  • To reset the changes you just made, click the Clear button.

  • To cancel the operation without changes, click the Cancel button.


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