Global News

The Global News page lists all global news messages. Global news messages can be viewed by all Monarch Server users. To access the Global News page, click News on the Navigation Tree, select News Management, and click the Global News tab at the top of the page.

Use this page to add, edit or delete a news message.

The Global News page contains:

  • Search: Type a message content (or a part of it) in this box and press ENTER. The filter will be applied to the list of news messages, and only messages containing the specified characters will be displayed.

  • News date: Displays the dates when news messages were posted.

  • Content: Displays the news messages content.

  • Expiration Date: Displays the expiration dates of news messages. Expired dates are highlighted in red.

  • clip0002:  Click to add a news message.

  • clip0003:  Click to edit a message.

Note: You can also open a message for editing by clicking its name on the list.

  • clip0004:  Click to delete a message.

  • clip0043: Click to delete all expired messages from the database.












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