Assigning Access Rights

When you assign access rights to a role, user group or user, you grant them access to a particular part of the MS system. For example, if you assign document type rights to a user group, all members of that user group will be able to retrieve documents of the specified document type.

NOTE: Keep in mind that access rights in MS are cumulative (for example, access rights of a role are added to those of any user or user group assigned to it).

To assign access rights

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Rights and Privileges, and select Roles, User Groups or Users, depending on who you want to assign rights to.

  2. Select a role, user group, or a user. Click its name or click anywhere on the row, and then click .

  3. Select a tab at the top of the page to specify appropriate rights. The following tabs are available:

    • Views: Grant access to views for the role, user group, or user in the document search results page or RMS view.

    • Portlets: Grant access to specific portlets for the role, user group, or user.

    • Searches: Grant access to searches for the role, user group, or user.

    • Templates: Grant access to templates templates for the role, user group, or user.

    • Models:¬†Assign models to the current user.

    • Folders: Assign folders to the current role, user group, or user.

  1. Assign the appropriate rights.

  2. To save changes, click Save.

  3. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have assigned all desired rights to a role, user group or user.

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