To access the About Information page, on the Navigation Tree, click System Settings, select System Preferences, and click the About Information tab.

The About Information tab allows you to specify product and company information, which will be displayed in the About dialog box.

The About Information page displays the following text fields to be filled:

  • Company: Specify the company name.

  • Phone: Specify the phone number.

  • Fax: Specify the fax number.

  • Mail: Specify the e-mail address.

  • Our Site: Specify the website.

  • Technical Support: Specify the e-mail or website of technical support.

  • Support Form: Specify the e-mail address or website, containing the support form to be filled out by the customer.

  • Save: Saves system settings.

  • Clear: Clears all the boxes.

  • Cancel: Cancels the operation.











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