Sending Search Results

You can send the search results via e-mail to other Monarch Server users. When you send search results, the specified recipient receives an e-mail message, which contains a link and any comments you have made. When the recipient clicks the link, MSClient is launched on their machine and the search results are displayed on the Document List page. 

NOTE: Recipients can only view the search results if the system administrator has assigned the required document type to them.

To send search results

  1. On the Document List (or any other view search results page, for example, Report View, Data View, etc.) click clip0026. The Mail dialog box opens.

  2. Select users you want to send the search results to, by dragging their names from the Users pane to the Send To pane.

  3. If you want to send search results to a user who is not listed in the Users pane, enter their e-mail address in the E-mail field, then click Add to add them to the Send To field.

  4. To send a text comment with the e-mail, type it in the Comments field.

  5. Click Send to send the search results to the specified recipient(s) (or click Cancel to close the window without sending the search).











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