Managing Offline Processing Tasks

Offline processing tasks are displayed on the My Home page. The page displays offline tasks created by users, sorted by creation date (descending), and then by view type (ascending).

The Offline Processing Tasks pane contains the following columns:

  • Task Name: Displays the task name.

  • Creation date: Displays the date and time the task was created.

  • View Type: Displays the view, from which the task was created.
    The following views can be displayed: Data, Summary, Excel, PRF.

  • State: Displays the state of the offline task. It can be one of the following: Ready, Processing or Pending.

To view the results of the offline task, click its name.

NOTE: You can view results of tasks in the Ready state only.

To remove a task, select it by clicking anywhere on the row, and click clip0081. A dialog box will appear. Click Delete to confirm the operation.














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