Logging in to MSClient

To log in to MSClient

  1. Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer, or another browser, by clicking its shortcut.

  2. Type the MSClient address in the Address bar, which may look like this:

NOTE: In Monarch Server that is upgraded from previous versions (e.g., v13.2), the virtual folders could still be labeled as “DSClient” (or "DSAdmin"). In this case, use “DSClient” (or "DSAdmin”) instead of “MSClient” (or “MSAdmin”) to open the Client (or Admin) page.

  1. Press Enter. Your browser will load the Login page.

  2. In the upper right corner of the page, select a locale. The list includes locales that were selected during the installation.

  3. In the User Name field, enter your logon name.

  4. In the Password field, enter your logon password.

  5. Click Sign In button.


When you first log in to MSClient, the My Home page is displayed by default.

NOTE: If you prefer a home page other than the My Home page, you can customize it via the Output Settings page.

To log off from MSClient, click End Session in the upper right corner of the page.

NOTE: If you try to log in to the application again, while running it, a message will appear on the Login page, informing you that you have already logged in to the application. To clear the current session and log in to a new one, select the check box below the message, and click Sign In. This option is available only for the Named license type.



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