Viewing Information On a Sub-Volume

To view detailed information about the sub-volume(s) of the selected storage group

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Storage and select Storage Groups.

  2. Click the name of the storage group that contains the sub-volume or click anywhere on its row, and then click clip0003.

  3. Select the Sub-Volumes Information tab at the top of the page.

The Volume Information window provides the following information:

  • State: Displays the current status of the sub-volume, e.g., whether it is active or closed.

 NOTE: It is not possible to archive data to closed sub-volumes.

  • Number of files: Displays the number of files in a sub-volume.

  • First Copy volume: Displays the name(s) of a First  Copy volume(s).

  • Size on first copy: Displays the size (in bytes) of data stored in a First Copy volume.

  • Second copy volume: Displays the name(s) of a Second Copy volume(s).

  • Size on second copy: Displays the size (in bytes) of the data stored in a Second Copy volume.

  • Promote: Click to promote the sub-volume. A dialog box appears. Click OK to promote the sub-volume. Note: When you promote a sub-volume, you close it. Data cannot be added to closed sub-volumes.

  • Cancel: Click to cancel the promotion.










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