Offline Tasks

Offline processing provides the ability to process large datasets in the offline mode on a scheduled basis. If a user requests some operation (view report, table, summary, and so on) for a dataset of a size exceeding the system limit, Altair offers to process such requests in the offline mode. Schedule information for this task includes the start and stop time, which allows executing the task at the specified time only.

All offline tasks used in the system are listed on the Offline Tasks page. To display the page, click Report Warehouse on the Navigation Tree, then click Document Retrieval and select Offline Tasks.

The Offline Tasks page displays the following information:

  • User Name: Displays the user name for an offline task.

  • Task Name: Displays the name of an offline task.

  • View Type: Displays one of the following view types: Table, Summary, Excel, or PRF.

  • Creation Date: Displays the creation date and time of an offline task.

  • State: Displays the state of the offline task. It can be one of the following: Ready, Processing or Pending.

To delete an offline task from the list

  1. Click clip0053 at the end of the row with the offline task you want to delete. A dialog box appears.

  2. Click Delete to delete the offline task from the list.










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