Greater Than (>) Operator

When configuring a search, the greater than (>) operator is one of the relational operators you can use to specify the relationship between an index field and an index value in your search criteria.

The greater than (>) operator is located in the Operator drop-down list, on the Search page.

NOTE: This list is not visible, until you select a document group and document type, and click the Add condition button, under the Search Criteria heading.

Use the greater than (>) operator to retrieve only those documents that contain, in the specified index field, an index value that is greater than the one in the search phrase.


Ship Date > 06/01/2001 retrieves all documents with an index value of 06/02/2001 or later in the Ship Date index field.

Invoice Amount > 20000 retrieves all documents with an index value of 20,000.01 or more in the Invoice Amount index field.


















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