Boolean Operators

Boolean operators enable you to define searches that include more than one search phrase. Searches made up of two or more search phrases can include multiple index fields and index values.

The Boolean operators are located on the Search page.

NOTE: This list is not visible, until you select a document group and document type, and click the Add condition button under the Search Criteria heading.

Click the drop-down arrow to select a Boolean operator from the list.

NOTE: While the AND operator can be used to link search criteria containing different index fields, the OR operator can only be used to link search criteria containing the same index field.


The following Boolean operators are available:

  • AND Operator: The AND operator specifies that, in order for a document to be retrieved, all search phrases linked by it must be true. The search phrases linked with the AND operator can contain different index fields.


Ship Date > 01/31/2001 AND Ship Date < 03/02/2001 — This retrieves all documents with ship dates from February 1, 2001 through March 1, 2001.

Customer name = Betty's Music Store AND Ship Date = 01/31/2001 — This returns only documents for Betty's Music Store that have a ship date of January 31, 2001.

  • OR Operator: Use the OR operator to configure a search, in which only one of the search phrases linked by it must be true for a document to be retrieved. The OR operator will also retrieve any documents that meet both or all of the search phrases. Note: The OR operator can only be used to link search criteria containing the same index field. For example, the search phrase Employee Name = John Smith OR Department = Accounting would not work because Employee Name and Department are two different index fields. (This search phrase would work if you linked the search criteria with the AND operator, however.)


Customer Name = Bluegrass Records OR Customer Name = The Glass Harmonica — This search returns documents for either Bluegrass Records or The Glass Harmonica (or both, if the document type selected contains documents for both stores).

Invoice Number = 11187 OR Invoice Number = 11189 — This search will return documents for either invoice 11187 or invoice 11189 or both.







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