Assigning Filing Tasks to Filing Processes

To execute a filing task, you need to assign it to a filing process. The filing process runs and executes the filing task at a certain time, according to the scheduled execution frequency.

NOTE: You can configure a new filing process and add the filing task to it, or you can add the task to an already existing process.

To assign a filing task to a filing process

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Document Management and select Filing Processes.

  2. Do one of the following:

  • Click the name of the filing process you want to add a filing task to.

  • Select the filing process, by clicking anywhere on the row, and then click clip0003.

  1. Drag the task you want to assign to the process, from the Available Tasks pane to the Assigned Tasks pane.

  2. Check the process execution frequency and make any adjustments to it, if necessary.

  3. Click Save.

The process will execute the filing task according to the scheduled execution frequency.

NOTE: If you prefer, you can execute the process immediately by clicking the Run Now button.








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