Adding an Offline Process

To add a process

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Document Retrieval and select Offline Processes.

  2. Click clip0002 on the Offline Processes page. The Offline Process page appears.

  3. Fill in the boxes of the page and click Save. The system saves the new process in the database and displays the updated Offline Processes page, if the operation is completed successfully.

This page contains the following items:

  • Name: Enter a unique name of a new process.

Note: All tasks with the Pending status will be automatically assigned to the current process.

  • Processing Length: Specify the value between 1 and 60 for the field processing length.

  • Suspended: Select this check box to suspend the current process.

  • Execution Frequency: These options allow you to set periodicity of launching the current process. For more information, see Execution Frequency.

  • Save: Saves a new process.

  • Run Now: Allows an administrator to launch the process immediately and saves the schedule in the database with the Run Once scheduling type and the current date as a Date to run.

  • Clear: Clears all the boxes.

  • Cancel: Cancels the operation.







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