Adding a Template to a Document Type

After you assign template to a document type you can assign this document type and template to a Monarch Server user. The user will be able to retrieve documents of this type and apply the specified template to documents when exporting them.

To add a template

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Document Management and select Document Types.

  2. On the Document Types page, do one of the following:

  • Click the name of the document type you want to add a template to.

  • Select the document type, by clicking anywhere on the row, and then click clip0003

  1. On the displayed page, select the Templates.

  2. Click the Add icon (clip0002). The Template page containing the following items is displayed:

    • Name: The name of a new document template is assigned automatically depending on the selected Template file.

    • Type: Allows you to select the type of a document template. The type is defined by an application, which will be used for document export.

    • Model: This field becomes available, if you select ES Style from the Type list. You can select the model type, which is used for extracting data for ES Style. At the customer site, the report model for XSL presentation is optimized for extraction and cannot be used for analysis.

    • Template file: Select Template file, which will be used for document export.

If you select ES Style or ES Report Style in the Type list, the following options become available:

  • PDF page type: Select the print size of PDF page from the list.

  • Orientation: Select PDF page orientation (Portrait or Landscape).

  • PDF page width (inches): Specify PDF page width.

  • PDF page height (inches): Specify PDF page height.

  • Left margin (inches): Specify PDF page left margin.

  • Right margin (inches): Specify PDF page right margin.

  • Top margin (inches): Specify PDF page top margin.

  • Bottom margin (inches): Specify PDF page bottom margin.

  • Server XML/XSL conversion: Select this checkbox to use server XML/XSL conversion.

  • Enable formatting: Select this checkbox to enable formatting for templates from user preferences.

  1. Fill in the boxes of the page and click Save. The system saves the new document template to the database and displays the updated Templates page, if the operation is completed successfully.

NOTE: You can assign document type templates to user groups, roles or users via the Template Rights tab that is available only for existing templates. For more details see Editing a Template.


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