Adding a Storage Group

When adding a storage group, you need to specify the maximum size (in megabytes or gigabytes) for any sub-volumes that are subsequently assigned to it. You also need to assign at least one storage volume to the storage group (a storage group must contain at least one volume). If no storage volumes exist, you need to create one before you can add a storage group to the system.

You also need to specify a copy number for the volume. Before specifying this information, you should determine what device type will be used for archiving documents. The media size must be accounted for when defining the sub-volume size.

You should also take into account when the media is to be recorded, and whether it is to be recorded over multiple sessions (requiring a dedicated device) or all at once (for backup).

To add a storage group

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Storage and select Storage Groups.

  2. Click clip0002 on the Storage Groups page.

  3. Storage Group Name: Enter a unique name of a new storage group.

  4. Description: Enter any text defining the storage group. This step is optional.

  5. Maximum Sub-Volume Size: Enter the maximum size of any sub-volumes measured in megabytes or gigabytes.

  • The size should be no greater than 80% of the media or device size that will serve as the smallest archive storage for the reports contained in this storage group. For example, if your selected archive media is CD-ROM, which has a storage capacity of 650 Megabytes, you would enter 520 Megabytes in this box.
  • E-mail notifications can be configured to alert administrators when a storage volume is running out of space. The notification will be sent when the available free space of a volume is less than 2 x Storage Group size. See System Notifications for additional instructions.

NOTE: You cannot change the maximum sub-volume size for an existing storage group.

  1. Force sub-volume promotion: Select this check box to force sub-volume promotion after a specified number of files. When the number of files in the current (active) sub-volume reaches the specified value, this sub-volume will be forced to close and a new active sub-volume will be created automatically. The number of files can be configured in the Monarch Server properties configuration file. The default value is 10000. It is recommended to select this option to ensure proper performance.

  2. Number of Sub-Volumes: Displays the number of existing sub-volumes for a storage group. This field is empty for a new storage group.

  3. Available Storage Volumes: Displays the available storage volumes, created earlier by an administrator. To assign a storage volume to a storage group, drag it from the Available Storage Volumes pane to the Assigned Storage Volumes | Copy# pane.

  4. Assigned Storage Volumes | Copy#: Displays the assigned storage volumes with the associated copy number. These storage volumes will be included in the current storage group. Include at least one storage volume of the First Copy. You can assign only volumes, whose size is greater or equal to the Maximum Sub-Volume Size value. To remove a storage volume from the storage group, drag it to the left pane. To change a copy number for a volume, select either #1 or #2.

  5. To save a new storage group, click Save.
    If the operation is completed successfully, the system saves the new storage group to the database and displays the updated Storage Groups page.

  6. To clear the recent changes, click Clear.

  7. To cancel the operation and return  to the Storage Groups page without saving data, click Cancel. Keep in mind that no changes will be saved.



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