Adding a Search Notification

To add a search notification

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Document Retrieval and select Search Notifications.

  2. Click clip0002 on the Search Notifications page. The Search Notification page appears.

  3. Search Notification Name box: Enter a unique name for a notification.

  4. Search Groups drop-down list: Select the search group that contains the search you want to apply a notification to.

  5. Searches box: Select the search that you want to apply a notification to. (Note: Available searches are determined by the search group you specified earlier.)

NOTE: You can search for a particular query by typing (part of) its name in the Filter by field and clicking Apply.

  1. Execution Frequency: To set the periodicity of launching the notification, select an appropriate option and fill in additional fields that appear.

  2. To save  the new notification, click the Save button.
    The system saves the new notification to the database and displays the updated Notifications page, if the operation is completed successfully.

  3. To reset the values, click the Clear button.

  4. To close the Search Notification page without saving, click Cancel. Keep in mind that no changes will be saved.


You can assign a notification to a role, user group or user via the Rights tab, which is available only for existing search notifications. For more details see Editing a Search Notification.

At a specified time the search runs, and all users, who turned on the notification, receive an e-mail notification.





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