Creating or Editing Content Recognition Rules

The Content Recognition Rule dialog provides a convenient and easy way of creating a new or editing an existing Content Recognition Rule.

All the Content Recognition Rules are listed on the Content Recognition Rules page.

To display  it, click RMS on the Navigation Tree, then click Content Recognition Rules.

To add a new content recognition rule, click Add New Content Recognition Rule icon plus2  above or below the list of content recognition rules.

To delete a content recognition rule, select it, and click the Delete icon close_grey. You can also click the clip0004 icon next to a rule to delete it.

To edit a content recognition rule, select it, and click the Edit icon edit_grey.


The following fields should be filled to create a Content Recognition Rule:

  • Name: The name of your rule.

  • Description: The description of your rule, this field is hidden, to show it click Show advanced options. This field is not mandatory.

  • Max Pages to Scan: The maximum number of page that will be searched for a pattern specified in the Criteria field.

  • Criteria: Enter the word or phrase that you want the program to recognize. You can use wildcard characters * (to substitute for any zero or more characters) and ? (to substitute for a single character), in case you do, activate the Use wildcard check box under the Criteria field. To make the search case sensitive, activate the Case sensitive check box.

  • Models: Lists the models that will be loaded in case of Criteria match. Clicking Add Model opens a model selection dialog.

Clicking Save closes the dialog and creates the rule. Clicking Clear clears the fields. Cancel closes the dialog without saving the changes.


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