Verifying Project Reports

Automator supports verification of report inputs on a project-by-project basis.

NOTE: Verification is not available for database inputs. If a project calls for database inputs, the verification options are simply ignored.

Verification settings allow you to specify the kind of verifications you want it to perform when processing the project's associated job. When project verification is enabled, Automator may verify field boundaries, data types and filter results.

NOTE: Automator performs verifications after running the PreExport script (if any), and before performing any exports.

Specify the desired verification settings by selecting the appropriate check boxes on the Model and Verifications tab. The following types of verification are available:

When you select a verification option, project verification is activated. Note that the default If verification fails setting is Continue. This means Automator will continue processing the associated job even if a verification failure of the specified kind is encountered. If you prefer to have Automator stop the job when a verification failure occurs, select the Stop option instead. If you want to stop the job without sending an email alert, select the Stop without error notifications option.

The If verification fails option applies to the entire set of verifications. If this option is Stop, then the first failed verification causes the job to immediately fail, thereby skipping any subsequent verifications. If this option is Continue, then all the verifications are performed regardless of their success or failure. In either case, the verification results are noted in the <verification> section of the job log.  

If verification fails, a "SystemAlertVerifyFailed" alert is raised in the job log, then the job either continues or fails, according to the specified continue/stop option.

Whenever Automator performs verification, it writes a <verification> section to the job log, regardless of whether verification is successful or not. The verification section of the jog log looks similar to this when successful:


<verify_project id="1">










If a verification failure occurs, the <verification> section of the job log will contain some details about the type of failure and its specific location within the input report(s).