System Notifications

System notifications are an automated way of notifying Monarch Server users via e-mail that a particular system event has occurred. Only authorized users of the Monarch Server system may receive notifications.

The events that trigger system notification are pre-defined and cannot be edited or deleted. Typically, these types of notifications are sent to system administrators who are monitoring the system. Users may select which of the notifications are sent to them. Notifications may be sent to more than one user.

System notifications are listed on the System Notifications page. They are pre-defined and can not be edited or deleted.

To display the System Notifications page, click Report Warehouse on the Navigation Tree, then click Document Retrieval and select System Notifications.

To assign rights to receive a system notification

To assign rights to receive a system notification

  1. Click the name of a system notification.

  2. To make a system notification available to all users, select Global check box and click the Save button.
    Otherwise proceed to the next steps.

  3. Expand hidden sections by clicking the User Groups, or Roles heading. To specify the roles, groups or users that you want to have rights to the system notification, drag their names from the left pane to the right pane (in an appropriate section).

  4. Click Save.

NOTE: Assigning rights to a system notification does not mean that the notification will be sent. It only allows users to receive the notification, if they request it. Each user must specifically request each notification they want to receive.


You can also assign rights to receive system notifications in the following way:

  1. In MSAdmin, click Rights and Privileges, and select either RolesUser Groups, or Users.

  2. Click the name of a role, user group or user, to whom you want to assign rights.

  3. Select the System Notifications tab at the top of the page.

  4. Drag appropriate items from the Available System Notifications pane to the Assigned System Notifications pane.

  5. Click Save.


Users may receive notifications for the following event types: