System Defaults

Use the System Defaults page to set your system default preferences. To access this page, on the Navigation Tree, click System Settings, select System Preferences, and click the System Defaults tab at the top of the page.

System defaults allow to specify values that will be used for the following parameters by default:

System defaults

Storage defaults

Filing Task defaults

Note: If the required server is not on the list, refer to Locations Management topic to add a new location.

File processing after filing

Select one of the options listed below, which describe actions for filing files after processing.

0k Input files processing before filing

Select one of the options below, which describe actions for processing input files with zero size before filing. Files may be deleted or moved to other directory.

New Document Types default values

Set the values to be used in naming new documents and reports.

NOTE: The choices available in the Auto Name and Report Name windows are detailed here.

RMS System Defaults