Storage Volumes

A storage volume is a physical location on a server, to which reports can be archived, and from which documents can be retrieved. You can use storage volumes to segment the continually growing amount of data in a storage group. Segmenting stored data into smaller, more manageable pieces facilitates the migration of older data to nearline or offline storage media.

NOTE: Volumes are subdivided into sub-volumes.

Each storage volume in the Monarch Server system is either a First Copy or a Second Copy volume. When you assign a storage volume to a storage group, you must specify the copy number of the volume (either 1 or 2).

The first volume you add to the Monarch Server system should be designated a First Copy volume. This First Copy volume is where the compressed report files that are archived in the system are initially written to. First Copy volumes usually reside on fast devices. They should provide quick access because they use the most often retrieved documents. Second Copy volumes may reside on slower devices (such as magneto-optical) and can be used for data redundancy and long-term archival purposes.

Each document may reside on the volumes of the First Copy or Second Copy, or on both. When performing document retrievals, the system attempts to extract data from the volumes of the First Copy initially. If the data on the First Copy was either moved (Maintenance Task — Move) or copied (Maintenance Task — Copy) into Second Copy AND was purged (Maintenance Task — Purge), it will attempt retrieval from the volumes of the Second Copy.

NOTE: See About Copies for additional information.

You can move a document from one copy to another using maintenance tasks.

All storage volumes used in the system are listed on the Volumes page. To display this page, click Report Warehouse on the Navigation Tree, then click Storage and select Storage Volumes. Use this page to add, edit, or remove a storage volume.

To add data to a storage volume

To add data to a storage volume

  1. Configure a filing task.

  2. Run it via a filing process.

To remove data from a storage volume

To remove data from a storage volume

  1. Configure a maintenance task.

  2. Run it via a maintenance process.

The volume can be closed to prevent further writing and copying operations to this volume, or can be set as Read Only to restrict access to deletion of this volume.