Specifying Script Settings for a Project File

When you specify script settings for a project, you add a project-specific script to it.

NOTE: This step is optional. If you have no need to utilize scripts in your project, you may skip this step. Automator users can only edit these scripts if they are granted editing privileges by the Admin.

To specify script settings for a project

To specify script settings for a project

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Automator > Standard Processes, select Project Editor and navigate to the Script Editor tab.

  2. Step through the Script Editor's tabs to specify the desired script settings:

  3. In the Locations for testing field, select location from the drop-down list.

  4. To save or download created project, click the corresponding button or continue specifying other project settings if necessary.

NOTE: When saving a project file provide a comment in the displayed window and click Commit. The Server Library Project page is displayed, where you can edit project file name, revision and access rights if necessary.

Once you have finished configuring the project file, you may assign it to a process.