Specifying Prerequisite Settings for a Project File

When configuring a process, you have the option to specify prerequisites for the associated project file(s), which must be met if the process is to run.

To specify process prerequisites

To specify process prerequisites

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Automator  > Standard Processes and select Project Editor.

  2. On the Prerequisites tab, specify the type of prerequisite you want to add, either File or Command line, by clicking the corresponding button. The Add Prerequisite dialog box is displayed.

  3. In the Add Prerequisite dialog box do one of the following:

  4. Perform Steps 2 and 3 again to add any additional prerequisites, then click the OK button to save the prerequisite(s).

  5. To test added prerequisites do one of the following:

  6. To save or download created project, click the corresponding button or continue specifying other project settings if necessary.

NOTE: When saving a project file provide a comment in the displayed window and click Commit. The Server Library Project page is displayed, where you can edit project file name, revision and access rights if necessary.

When the scheduled run time arrives, Automator will check the specified prerequisites to see that they have been met, and if they have been, the process will run. If they haven't, the process won't run.