Specifying Login Credentials

The Login Credentials tab is part of the Project Editor. Use this tab to specify the HTTP, FTP/SFTP, and Amazon S3 login credentials to be written into the project file when using input files from an FTP/SFTP site, a SharePoint repository, or Amazon S3 storage.

NOTE: Input files located on FTP/SFTP sites, SharePoint repositories, or Amazon S3 storage cannot be used if monitoring is enabled. In addition, there can only be one set of credentials per project, so you should not specify input files that reside on different locations which require different login credentials.

To specify login credentials

To specify login credentials

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Automator  > Standard Processes and select Project Editor.
  2. On the Login Credentials tab, do one of the following:

NOTE: To use the current windows login select the corresponding check box.

  1. To save or download created project, click the appropriate button or continue specifying other project settings if necessary.

NOTE: When saving a project file provide a comment in the displayed window and click Commit. The Server Library Project page is displayed, where you can edit project file name, revision and access rights if necessary.