Server Status

The Server Status page displays information detailing the current status of Automator.

To view the Server Status page, click Automator and select Server Status.

The Server Status page includes the following information:


The database and runtime values should be ideally equal. However, in some cases, the database values may not be updated immediately once a job or process is executed. In this scenario, the database and runtime values will not be the same.

NOTE: If the number of processes in the system exceeds the number allowed by your license, the following message appears instead: “The maximum number of allowed processes per your license (XX) is exceeded.” The number of processes is the total count of Visual and Standard Processes.

NOTE: When the number of CPU cores allowed by your license is exceeded, the following message appears: "The maximum number of allowed CPU cores per your license (XX) is exceeded.” Here, “XX” is the number of CPU cores allowed by your license.

NOTE: When the Job Processing Status is disabled, a notification in the Admin interface and the logs would indicate the disabled status of the Automator Dispatcher Service Host.