Output File Screen

The Output File screen is part of the Export Wizard. When configuring a table or summary export, use this screen to specify the folder you want to export files to.

Dialog box options:

NOTE: Specifying a .PRF or .PDF extension will generate the corresponding file type accordingly. Specifying .TXT or any other extension will generate a file with text-based content only.

NOTE: You may also use the naming macros to name the exported files and destination folder. To do this, click the Insert Macro icon  naming macros.zoom80 and select the naming macros from the drop-down list.

NOTE: The Save to, File Naming and Extension options are available when exporting all filters and an Automatic Naming setting of "by files" is selected.

NOTE: When creating a new export job or modifying a non-text export job, the default text export format is fixed-length for "txt" extensions and delimited for other extensions. This assures backward compatibility with old projects.