Output Elements

Output elements are used for integration with other Monarch Server components or other systems / applications.

The table below specifies functionality of the Output group elements.

Element Name


Properties and Comments

Hive Output

For loading export data into a Hive table

  • Name — name of the graphic element.

  • Connection String — the string for connecting to the Hive database.

  • Table name — name of the Hive table.

  • Server — server where the table is stored.

  • Directory — directory where the table is stored.

  • User Name — name of the creator of the Hive table.

Limitation: For this output type, you must use export data in the CSV format.

Report Warehouse Output

For uploading data into a Report Warehouse document type

  • Name — name of the graphic element.

  • Document type — Report Warehouse data container the report input is uploaded into.

  • Document Group — name of the group of document types.

  • Processing Type:

  • Read and process internal indexes. This option is selected by default. It is used for reading text and PDF reports where index values are extracted and reports are mined by users.

  • Process as native document. This option is used for processing any file or document that does not require index value extraction and mining from its content. Native documents can be indexed on fixed values (Index defaults), document date, and filename element values. This option requires licensing. To display native documents, you must install appropriate software on the client’s computer (for example, XLS documents require the MS Excel application or  another XLS file viewer).

Advanced options

  •  Store Original Report: When reports are read and indexed for storage, their format is changed to enable fast and efficient retrieval and mining. Selecting this option will also store the original report, as read, in the storage system.

  • Pages / Storage Unit: In storing reports, there are trade-offs between the compression ratio (disk space requirements) and speed of retrieval. A higher number of Pages / Storage Units can provide dramatically increased storage compression but at a cost of reduced retrieval efficiency and performance.

  • Pre-mine all processed reports for interactive data analysis: Select this option, if you want table data to be extracted from the reports during the filing process and put into the Monarch Server database. Then the data can be used to build Dynamic View data views. This option requires licensing.

Redaction settings are available only if a redaction license is enabled in Monarch Server.

  • Store reports redacted: Select this option to allow storage reports to be stored with redaction. In this case reports are stored in the redacted format in storage volume.

  • Store mining data redacted: Select this option to allow pre-mined data to be stored with redaction.

Limitation:  For this output type, you can use data from text input or report export.