Mapping Index Fields to Monarch Indexes

When adding a document type, one of the steps you must perform is to map the assigned index fields to the indexes in the Monarch model. Mapping Monarch Server index fields to indexes in the Monarch model enables you to use the index fields (and their associated index values) to retrieve data from a report.

Note: Before you can map index fields to Monarch indexes, you need to specify an index model in the Index Model Name box on the Document Type page.

To map index fields to Monarch model indexes

To map index fields to Monarch model indexes

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Document Management and select Document Types.

  2. Either click clip0002 to create a new document type, or click the name of a document type that you want to do mapping for.

  3. Click the Mapping header to expand a hidden section with the following items:

Note: To remove a mapped entry (a pair — an index field with a Monarch index) from the map list, click clip0009.

  1. Map as many index fields to Monarch indexes as you want to, then click Save.