Process Logs

Process logs are used to view information about executed processes, including their start and end dates and times, duration, and the results of the execution.

User can view the Logs on the Logs list. The records in the log grid are editable, and the unnecessary log records can be deleted.

Currently running processes can be canceled by clicking the Cancel button.

To open the Logs list, on the Navigation Tree, double-click Automator, click Visual Processes, and select Logs.

The Logs page displays the following information:

NOTE: You can filter the processes by log ID, process name, date started, date completed, state, and location by using the corresponding fields in the column headings.

The following filter settings are available:












Reset search value

Open a log item to view it.

The Text tab displays a summary of the process execution. The Visual tab displays the visual process of the selected process as well as the summary of the process execution. You can also view the progress of an export in the export element (shown as a percentage).

Process Events displays general information about the recently run process, including the start and end times.

Process Items allows you to filter the process information by selecting and clearing the following check boxes:

Click the n Events link below each file source to expand the relevant information, including the start and end times.

The items may be sorted according to duration (ascending and descending), start time (ascending and descending), and type.

Click the Export Log button to export the log to an XML file.

Click the Back to list button  to navigate to the Logs list.

Click the Go to Process button  to navigate to the Process details page (i.e., the process that was run and created in the current log).

Click the Previous/Next button  to navigate to the previous/next log from the Logs list.