Identifying Document Break Fields

Document break fields are index fields that are used to logically divide reports into documents. As a result, even though entire reports are stored in the warehouse, users are able to retrieve individual documents from within them when performing a search.

Typically, the creator of the original report has set up the document in a way that can help you identify break fields. Reports are generally organized according to some type of sorting criteria. For instance, you might have an employee listing broken out by department within each regional office. Each department could be treated as a separate document. Document breaks do not have to appear on page boundaries. They may occur anywhere within a report file.

You need to identify the criteria used to organize a report and then determine a suitable break field for the report. Here are some specific tips regarding break fields:

Once you have identified which field in a report you want to break on, you're ready to break the report into separate documents by specifying a document break field. A document break field creates only virtual breaks in a report. The report is still stored in its entirety, but the document break allows the users to retrieve only portions of the report (documents).

NOTE: Specifying a document break field is part of the document type configuration process.