Execution Frequency

Execution frequency (or run time) specifies both how often a process will run (for example, once, hourly, daily, etc.) and at what time it will run. You specify execution frequency when configuring a schedule or a custodian schedule.

The options in the Execution Frequency pane allow you to set periodicity of launching the current process. An administrator can set the following options:

The process will be executed immediately after exception date/time is over. Otherwise, the process will only run on the set schedule, with the exception of the Business Day schedule, wherein an “All day” Exception Date will be excluded in the day count.


To run the process on the 6th business day of the month, enter “6” in the field.

To run the process on the 1st business day of the month, then again on the 16th to the 20th business day of the month, enter “1, 16-20” in the field.


It is possible to schedule the process on a range of working days at a given time, e.g., “5”; “1,2,22,23”; “1-3, 21-23”; “−1”; “−3-−1”; and “−2-3, 5, 10.”

A negative number denotes the number of days prior to the month selected, e.g., “business day −1” of October 2019 would be September 30, 2019 (provided it is a working day). Exception Dates must skip count to the next previous working day.