Editing a Role

To edit a role

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Rights and Privileges, and select Roles.

  2. Click the name of the role you want to edit or click anywhere on the row, and then clickclip0003. The Role page appears.

  3. Make the necessary changes. For more information on how to change its items, see Adding a Role.

  4. To grant access rights, select an appropriate tab at the top of the page. The following tabs are available in the Edit mode:

    • Role tab allows you to modify the role name and description and grant common and specific privileges to the selected role.

    • Group Administrator tab allows you to grant privileges to group administrators. To do this, select appropriate check boxes, and click Save.

    • Views tab allows you to specify what views of the document search results page or RMS views page will be available for the current role. To do this, select or clear appropriate check boxes, and click Save.

    • Settings tab allows you to modify the notification settings, particularly the number of days when an alert about license expiration will be shown.  

NOTE: The Defined check box is disabled by default. If the setting is not “Defined,” then the global setting under System Preferences applies.

When assigned, on the Report view, Data view, and Summary view data will be displayed in the unredacted format. 

For unassigned document types, data will be displayed in the redacted format.

NOTE: The Unredacted Document Types tab becomes available only if a redaction license is enabled in MS.

Note:You can copy rights of a role, by clicking the Copy Profile button, available on the above mentioned tabs (except Views and Report Security tabs).

NOTE: Processes created in older versions of Monarch Server (e.g., v13.2) are assigned to all users.

NOTE: You can copy rights of a role by clicking the Copy Profile button available on the aforementioned tabs, except the Views and Report Security tabs.

  1. Make the necessary changes and click Save
    The system saves the modified role to the database and displays the updated Roles page, if the operation is completed successfully.