Edit Index Defaults Page

You can specify index defaults for a document type. Whenever documents of that type are archived in the system via a filing task, the default index values are applied to them. Monarch Server users can then retrieve these documents by using the default index values in their search criteria.

To access the Edit Index Defaults page

To access the Edit Index Defaults page

  1. Click Report Warehouse, then click Document Management and select Filing Tasks.

  2. Click the name of a task you want to edit index defaults for.

  3. Select the Index Defaults tab at the top of the page.


The Edit Index Defaults page contains:

NOTE: Click clip0009  to delete an index field and value selected in the Default Values pane.

Note: The list includes index fields assigned to the document type specified in the Document Type field on the Filing Task page.

You can build default values from file-name elements:

  1. Click the Select button. The Index Value dialog box appears.

  2. Type any optional text in the Index-Value String field.

  3. Specify the element number and delimiter.

  4. Click Apply. The file name macro ([FNE <element number>/<delimeter>]) will be added to the string. For example, if you specify the element number as 1 and the delimiter as a period (.), then the first element of the file name before the period will be included in the index-value string.

  5. Click Save.