Default Job Log Disposition

Job log disposition settings specify what is to be done with the job log after a job is run, and under what circumstances the specified disposition will occur. Job log disposition settings can be specified on a process basis or you can specify default job log disposition settings, which will apply to all job logs.

Note: After you specify job log disposition settings for a process, be sure to specify a schedule for the Custodian and enable it, as the Custodian is responsible for implementing the disposition settings. If you do not specify a schedule for the Custodian, the disposition settings will not be implemented.

To specify a default job log disposition

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click System Settings,  and then select System Preferences.

  2. A the top of the page under Automator Settings, select the Default Job Log Disposition tab

  3. Select one of the following Job Log Disposition actions:

NOTE: You can also use a naming macro to assign a new name to the job log by selecting one from the drop-down list. To do this, click the Insert Macro icon naming macros.zoom80 and select the desired macro.

  1. Select one of the following Apply Disposition By Job Status settings:

  2. Click the Save button to save current settings and close the dialog.