Automator provides an alerting mechanism whereby users can be automatically notified of certain conditions. For example, you can define an alert that will notify you whenever a process fails to run.

Automator includes five predefined alerts that you can use, and any number of additional alerts can be defined using scripting.

All the existing in the system alerts are displayed on the Alerts page. To view the Alerts page, click Automator > Standard Processes and select Alerts.

Use this page to add, edit, or delete alerts.

Using a Script to Define an Alert

Scripts can be used to define alerts. For example, suppose the PostExport code examines the outputs listed in the job log and determines that something is amiss. It could then raise an alert as follows:

Log.AddEvent ("The record count for the balance is outside specified bounds", "BalanceProcessAlert")

This would raise an alert named "BalanceProcessAlert".

This alert could then be assigned an email distribution action to notify a technician of the problem via an email message.