Adding an Index Field

When configuring a document type, one of the steps is to map Monarch Server index fields with Monarch indexes. Before that, you need to configure index fields.

NOTE: When configuring an index field in Monarch Server, keep in mind that its data type (and, when applicable, its data length) must be compatible with the data type (and length, if applicable) of the Monarch index you plan to map it to. For more information, see Identifying Index Fields.

To add an index field

To add an index field

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Document Management and select Index Fields.

  2. Click clip0002 on the Index Fields page. The Index Field page appears.

  3. Enter a unique name of a new index field in the Name field. As the name is only reference identification, an index name may be changed without effect to indexed data.

  4. Enter any text defining the index in the Description field. This step is optional.

  5. Select index field data type:

  1.  Select Enable index selection to  enable selection of index values in Select Index Value dialog boxes in the MSClient and MSAdmin applications.

  2. Select Enable cross-references table to be able to use a cross-reference table when index searching for documents.

  3. Select Apply wildcards index field search values on search to replace embedded space(s) to add the ability to automatically add wildcard(s) to Document Search index search criteria. For example, the client’s accounts will show both “XX XXXXX” or “XXXXXXX”. The the index field is stored with the spaces but some users enter the spaces and some do not so the system needs to replace the space with * to make it an automatic wildcard.

  4. Select Enciphered to enable storing index values as an encrypted data. By default, they will not be displayed in Select Index Value dialog boxes.

NOTE: Extended Security option only.

  1. Select Enable dynamic search  to enable the auto-suggest feature for this index field  in MSClient.

  2. To save the index field, click the Save button.
    The system saves the new index to the database and displays the updated Index Fields page, if the operation is completed successfully.

  3. To reset the values, click the Clear button.

  4.  To close the Index Field page without saving, click Cancel. Keep in mind that no changes will be saved.