Adding a Virtual Path

To add a virtual path

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click System Settings, and select Virtual Paths.

  2. Click clip0002on the Virtual Paths page. The Virtual Path page appears.

  3. Enter the path name in the Virtual Path Name field.

  4. Specify the CORBA name of the server in the Location field, which you can select from the list.

  5. Specify the path to a folder containing files to be processed in the File Path field or click the Browse button to navigate to it.

  6. To save the new virtual path, click Save.
    The system saves the modified virtual path and displays the updated Virtual Paths page, if the operation is completed successfully.

  7. To reset the recent changes, click the Clear button.

  8. To close the Virtual Path page without saving, click Cancel. Keep in mind that no changes will be saved.