Adding a Storage Volume

When you add a storage volume to the system, you designate a physical location on a server for archiving reports. Every time you add a volume, you must assign the volume to a storage group and specify whether it is a First Copy or a Second Copy volume.

NOTE: The first volume you add should be designated as a First  Copy volume. (See About Copies for more information.

To add a storage volume

To add a storage volume

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Report Warehouse, then click Storage and select Storage Volumes.

  2. Click clip0002 on the Volumes page. The Storage Volume page appears.

NOTE: Field value defaults for some of these fields can be preset in MSAdmin. To do this, click System Settings on the Navigation Tree, select System Preferences and click the System Defaults tab. Setting these defaults can save time and errors in definition of storage volumes.

NOTE: If the required server is not on the list, refer to Locations Management topic to add a new location.

  1. Path: Enter a path to the volume or use the Browse button. This path must be unique. In some cases such as defining a path using UNC paths, it may be required to manually create the path on the server. Typically, Monarch Server will create the storage path if needed.

  2. Enter the maximum size of the volume into the Maximum Volume Size field. Volume size is  measured in megabytes or gigabytes depending on the value you select from the list. Current Size in bytes: Displays the current volume size when editing only. This value will not be displayed for a new volume.

NOTE: The  Location, Maximum Volume Size, and Path boxes are available only when adding a new volume.

  1. Select Read only check box  if you want to  prevent deletion of a volume.

  2. Select Closed check box to prevent further writing and copying operations to this volume.

NOTE: Storage Volume is Assigned To|Copy # : This list contains a storage group with an associated copy number. This is an information box only. The contents of this box cannot be edited.

  1. To save a new storage volume, click Save.
    If the operation is completed successfully, the system saves the new storage volume to the database and displays the updated Volumes page.

  2. To clear the recent changes, click Clear.

  3. To cancel the operation and return  to the Volumes list without saving data, click Cancel. Keep in mind that no changes will be saved.