About Report Warehouse

Report Warehouse is a reliable platform for report and document content management. In Report Warehouse, reports and documents are "read-in" to a storage system and then indexed. These stored reports and documents can be easily retrieved using Report Warehouse's powerful query system and subsequently transformed into data views and Excel spreadsheets. The filing, storage, and retrieval of reports and documents are made easy in Report Warehouse.

At the heart of Monarch Server is Report Warehouse's subsystem for efficiently storing and managing large volumes of corporate reports. Reports produced in any host environment can be brought into Report Warehouse. These reports are automatically identified, indexed, compressed, and stored in the warehouse system. Monarch Server uses an industry-standard SQL database to manage storage and provide fast, efficient access to report data.

Report Warehouse allows end users to retrieve information from reports, search for data in several reports simultaneously, and manipulate data for further analysis. This online system makes report data available more quickly, economically, and effectively than is possible with traditional hardcopy reports.


Report Warehouse Components

The MSAdmin is a part of the Report Warehouse system, which consists of these major components: