About Models

A model file, created within Monarch, is a file with a .dmod or .xmod extension that may contain field, filter, summary and chart definitions as well as other settings. Typically, all Monarch models are created by a system administrator.

Creating a model file is one of the first steps you need to perform, as you cannot define a document type or archive documents into the system without specifying a model file. (Refer to the Altair documentation for detailed information on the model creation process.)

There are three types of model files that can be utilized in Monarch Server:

NOTE: Though you can use a report model for your index model, a report model may contain a number of fields that are irrelevant for searching. These unnecessary fields will only slow down the document retrieval process. So, it would be better to create an index model that contains only the fields that will be used for document retrieval.

NOTE: When configuring a document type, you may utilize the same model file for your index and report models. It is not necessary to use a different model file for each of them.