What is Altair Inspire?

Inspire is a concept design tool, which you can use to run structural optimization, finite element analysis, motion analysis, and additive manufacturing analysis.

Inspire uses topology, topography, gauge, lattice, and PolyNURBS optimization to produce structural shapes in response to loads. The resulting shapes are polymeshes you can export to other computer-aided design tools as a source of inspiration for your designs. You can also generate .stl files for rapid prototyping.

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Depending on what option was selected in the Screen Capture Settings, either the Save As window will appear or the captured image/recording will be saved to the default file location.

To configure the settings, see Steps 1-2b of Advanced Screen Capture.

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This is a step result. 


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  1. The snapshot is saved as a .png file.
  2. Depending on the File format defined in the Video Settings, the video is saved as a .mp4 or .gif file.
    1. The snapshot is saved as a .png file. 
    2. The snapshot is saved as a .png file. 
    3. The snapshot is saved as a .png file. 


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