Viewing Project Information

Under Project Information heading you can view, copy, and print the information contained in the current project. It also provides access to the Audit Trail.

NOTE: The contents of the Project window vary, as they are determined by the contents of the current project.

The Project Information section displays information such as:

  • Author: Displays the author of the current project.

  • Description: Displays the current description of the project file.

  • Current State: Displays the currently active view, and the current summary, filter or sort (if any).

  • Model: Displays the path of the project's model file.

  • Report: Displays the path of the project's report file.

  • Project Exports: Displays information about the project's export(s), such as the name and export location of the export file, whether a filter is assigned to the table, etc.

  • Audit Trail: Displays the audit trail for the current project.

To print the information contained in the current project, use the Print icon in the upper-right corner of the Project Information section.













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