Viewing Model Information

Model Information section provides detailed information about the Monarch model assigned to the current project. Here you can view, copy and print the information contained in the current model. It also provides access to the Audit Trail.

NOTE: The contents of the Model window vary, as they are determined by the contents of the current model.

The Model Information section displays information such as:

  • Author: Displays the author of the current model.

  • Description: Displays the description of the current model.

  • Input Settings: Displays information about the current input settings, such as whether to ignore leading control characters and form feeds, whether to interpret input as ASCII, when to force a page break (i.e., after n lines), etc.

  • Templates: Lists the templates within the model, provides information about them (e.g., their names, whether they are floating traps or multi-column traps, their trap characters, etc), and displays sample lines of the data they trap.

  • Fields: Lists the fields within the model and provides information about them, e.g., their names, their type (character or numeric), their data and display lengths, their alignment, etc.

  • Filters: Lists filters defined for the model. Each entry on the list shows the name of the filter, the filter type, and the filter expression.

  • Sorts: Lists sorts defined for the model. Each entry on the list shows the sort name, sort fields used, and sort order (ascending or descending).

  • Summaries: Lists summaries defined for the model. Each entry on the list shows the summary name, filter used, custom page setup, number of keys, and number of measures.

  • Summaries: Key Fields and Measures: Enumerates key fields and measures for each summary in the Summaries list. For each Key Field, the field names, titles, display lengths, and sort directions are displayed. For each Measure, the measure title, display length, and expression are displayed.

  • Audit Trail: Displays the audit trail for the current model.







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