Tableau Server screen

This screen displays when, during the configuration of a project export, you select TDE from the Extension drop-down list on the Output File screen of the Export Wizard, then click the Next button. Use this screen to specify settings of the Tableau Server for publishing Tableau export to the Tableau Server.

The Tableau Server screen includes the following options:

  • Publish to Tableau Server: Select this option to display Tableau Server settings.

  • Data Source Name: The name of the Data Source on the Tableau Server.

  • Path to TABCMD: The route to the executable file of the TableauServerTabcmd application.

  • Server Address: The address of the Tableau Server.

  • Username: The login name to the Tableau Server.

  • Use Password File: Allows to use the .txt file with the password.

  • Password: The password to the Tableau Server (if the option Use Password File enabled, it allows to specify the path to the Password File).

  • Proxy Address: The address of the proxy server (Note: you must use HOST:PORT format).

  • Publish Type: Allows to specify an action for the Data Source:

    • overwrite data source: overwrites data in Data Source by data from the export table (note: date modified is changed);

    • replace data: replaces data in Data Source with data from the export table (note: date modified is not changed);

    • append data: adds data from the export table to the end of the Data Source table.

  • Back: Displays the Output File screen.

  • Finish: Saves the current export settings and closes the Export Wizard.

  • Cancel: Cancels the export operation and closes the Export Wizard.






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