RSS Distribution Action

To add an RSS action

  1. Select the RSS option on the Action page.

  2. In the File box, specify the file. You can either enter the path to a file in the box or select a file by clicking the Browse button. The Named Paths dialog box will appear.

    1. From the Named Paths list, select the appropriate named path.

    2. Select the file from the list of displayed in the Named Path Content box.

    3. Click Save to add the file.

  3. Select the Create if not found check box, if you want to create the file if the specified not found.

  4. In the Title box, enter the item title.

  5. In the Item description box, enter the item description.

NOTE: You may use the naming macros to provide a title and description for an RSS distribution. To do this, click the Insert Macro icon naming macros.zoom80 and select the naming macros from the drop-down list.

  1. In the Link box, enter the name of link to the file.

NOTE: Displays the URL of the RSS item. This field is usually left blank so that Automator can automatically assign a URL (based on a translate distribution) from the input or export file that is being processed.

  1.  Click the Channel title to provide the channel parameters:

    • Title: Enter channel title.

    • Channel Description: Provide channel description.

    • Link: Enter the name of link to the file. (NOTE: If you leave the Title, Channel Description, and Link fields blank the default values will be automatically assigned.)

  • Max Items: Specify the maximum number of items.

  • Unlimited: Select this check box if you want to set the unlimited number of items.

  1. Click Save to save the action.

In order to use an RSS feed, you must define a global Translate distribution action. When creating an RSS feed, the location must be specified, as well as the path to the RSS file to be created or updated.

NOTE: Automator uses the RSS 2.0 format when generating an RSS feed.


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