References and Imports

The References and Imports tab is part of the Script Editor. Use this tab to specify additional assembly references and namespaces that are required by PostExport, PreExport, and Global Declarations sections.

The References and Imports tab includes the following settings:

  • Namespace: Lists the namespaces you have specified. You can add a namespace by clicking the Add button.

  • Name: Lists the names of any additional assembly references you have specified. To add a name, click the Add button.

  • Assembly: Lists the paths of any assemblies you have selected. To add a namespace, click the Add button.

  • Add: Use this button to add an assembly and name it.

  • Add Named: Displays the Add Reference dialog, with which you can name and select an assembly.

  • Clear: Removes the scripts from the script field.

  • Locations for testing: Displays the location used for testing the script before deploying it.















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