PDF Security Screen

This screen displays when, during the configuration of a project export, you select PDF from the Extension drop-down list on the Output File screen of the Export Wizard, then click the Next button. Use this screen to specify security and encryption permissions when exporting to a PDF file.

The PDF Security screen includes the following options:

  • Description: Displays a description of what the export will do when run.

  • Open Password options:

    • Apply: Password-protects the PDF file.

    • Change Open Password: Displays the Change PDF Export Open Password dialog. Use this dialog to specify the password that must be supplied to open the PDF file.

  • Permissions options:
    These options let you restrict the permissions available to users of the PDF file.

    • Apply: Specifies permission options for the PDF file.

    • Change Permissions Password: Displays the Change PDF Export Permission Password dialog, with which you can specify a password for the exported PDF file(s).

    • Printing allowed: Allows the PDF file to be printed.

    • Content extraction allowed: Allows copying (e.g., cut and paste) of the PDF file's content.

    • Editing allowed: Allows editing of the PDF file.

    • Annotation (comments) allowed: Allows comments to be added to the PDF file.

NOTE: If you do not specify PDF file permissions, users will have full access to it.

  • Encryption options:
    Select one of the following encryption options.

NOTE: One (or both) of the passwords must be applied to enable encryption.

  • RC4 (128-bit) : Encrypts the PDF file with RC4 encryption. WARNING: This option is not recommended for extremely confidential data. Use the AES option instead.

  • AES: Encrypts the PDF file with the Advanced Encryption Standard. Note: If you choose this encryption method, Adobe Acrobat 7 or higher must be used to open the PDF file, as earlier versions of Acrobat do not support AES encryption.

  • Back: Displays the File Info screen.

  • Finish: Saves the export settings and closes the Export Wizard.

  • Cancel: Cancels any changes to the export's settings and closes the Export Wizard.


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