Model Elements

Model elements in the Process Designer tool are sets of instructions how input files are parsed by Automator.

A model file, created within Monarch, is a file with the .dmod or .xmod extension that may contain field, filter, summary and chart definitions as well as other settings. This information can be viewed by clicking the information icon below the Model Path field.

The table below specifies the functionality of each Model element.

Element Name


Properties and Comments

File Model

Model file with the .dmod or .xmod extension

  • Name — name of the graphic element.

  • Model Path — path that shows the File Model location.

The Model Path parameter can be filled out manually or using Browse.

  1. Click the Browse button to open the Browse dialog.

  2. Select the data source type in the Source Type drop-down list (currently, Local or Named Paths).

  3. Depending on the selected data source type, specify the other parameters:

    • For the Local type: Location of the model file and Path to this file using the suggested folder directory.

    • For the Named Paths type: Named Paths and the path to the model file using the Named Path Content box (use search capabilities if needed).

NOTE: Model files in compressed archive format (e.g., zip and gzip) can be used and specified.

  1. Click the OK button.

Web Model

Model file located in the web

  • Name — name of the graphic element.

  • Model Address — URL of the source model file.

NOTE: If some web model file requires authentication, you should add the Credentials element and connect your Web Model element with it. In properties of the Credentials element you should specify the User Name and Password parameters.

Server Library Model

Model within a database

  • Name — name of the graphic element.

  • Model Path — path to the Server Library Model source file. Specify this parameter manually or select the source file from the list displayed in the Server Library box.

NOTE: For external lookup from a password-protected Excel file, select the External Lookup checkbox and enter the password of the Excel file in the field provided.

When executing processes with external lookup, the following error message is displayed in the logs when the external lookup data source in the model is missing or invalid: An external lookup data source ‘path_to_the_external_lookup’ is either missing or invalid.


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